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Anger isn’t an energy.

If there’s one thing the world isn’t short of, it’s angry people. Of course, the internet is a great place to find some impotent rage, but only because it’s a quick and easy means of expression for the pent-up anger that exists in real … Continue reading

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Razors and teapots

I’ll admit it up front – I’m not very good at philosophy. It is something I’ve taken a periodic interest in, but generally what I find is that I start a chapter of some book on some great thinker or other, … Continue reading

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You know another thing I failed at? Therapy, that’s what.

In yet another entry in what looks like a long-running series – I fail at something. Only this time, for a change, it wasn’t an online failure. A few years ago, deciding that my real-world social life was not exactly … Continue reading

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Who wants to be a manager? (I don’t)

I’ve had to spend part of the last two working days “studying” (using that word here seems somehow wrong) some “training” materials (ditto) cobbled together by my employer with a view to ensuring that no employee should remain ignorant of the management’s … Continue reading

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Militant tendency

Yet another stint on yet another online forum (the shortest yet) has drawn to a close for me, as this time I made the discovery that people who loudly proclaim their dislike of Social Justice Warriors often do so because they … Continue reading

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My ankle – currently barely bringing myself to the yard, let alone “all the boys”

Although it would be pretty bizarre if it did, given that I (a) don’t own a yard and (b) am not some kind of gay lust object. Anyway, before this lame (hah!) metaphor gets irreversibly derailed, the subject for today is … Continue reading

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Urban Foxes

I was going to do a long, opinionated post about something no-one cares about (even me, really), when I got watching a family of foxes on the lawn of the garden belonging to one of the adjoining blocks of flats, … Continue reading

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