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Simon Jenkins makes the case for anarchism – unintentionally

Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins has been getting all exercised about the Archbishop of Canterbury’s recent speech to the Trades Union Congress about the evils of the “gig economy”. The main reason for this seems to be his belief that the Church of … Continue reading

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A summer of violence

I don’t think it’s being melodramatic to say that, between unexpected and terrifying acts of political violence and the unexpected and terrifying burning down of a West London tower block, it’s already been a violent summer in the UK. And, I would imagine, a pretty … Continue reading

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How to successfully predict major world events

Gavin Barwell, as Tory MP for Croydon Central, wrote a book called “How To Win A Marginal Seat” based on his experiences, an irony that didn’t get past more or less everyone who reported on him losing that marginal seat in the general … Continue reading

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The 2017 general election (and stuff)

It’s taken me quite a while to work out exactly what I want to say in response to this unexpected event. And it really was unexpected. The day the election was called, I was travelling to visit my parents; when I left the … Continue reading

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Let’s go off-meds with Mike Cernovich!

I haven’t covered what’s going on in Mike Cernovich’s alt-reality for quite a while. This is partly because he is, like arsenic, best consumed in small doses, and partly also because, credit where credit’s due, he did turn out to be completely right about … Continue reading

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Crappy holidays:Singles Awareness Day

Looks like I’ve tapped a rich vein of material when it comes to “special days made up for questionable reasons.” Next up is Singles’ Awareness Day, which, as any fule kno, was celebrated on 15 February, the day after St Valentine’s … Continue reading

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Crappy holidays:The “No Pants Subway Ride”

Which took place in early January, because I am the Internet’s Worst News Source. Because there is some limit to even my quest for publicity through cheap tricks, I have also chosen not to illustrate this post with a photo of female … Continue reading

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