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Book Review: Gung Ho!

It’s a 1998 book on management written in the form of fiction, by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles (Blanchard, with various collaborators, is behind the very successful One Minute Manager books). So how does this fit in with the whole idea … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Strike Back” by Chris Ryan

It would be easy to say that the mere act of reviewing a novel based around a kidnapping by Middle Eastern terrorists seems to carry more weight today than it would have done before the events of Wednesday on Westminster Bridge. Easy, … Continue reading

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Video game review (?): Detention (spoilers)

The question mark in the title is there because the first thing I have to admit is this: I’ve never actually played this game, only watched it being played in someone else’s videos. How can you possibly review a game … Continue reading

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Crappy holidays:The “No Pants Subway Ride”

Which took place in early January, because I am the Internet’s Worst News Source. Because there is some limit to even my quest for publicity through cheap tricks, I have also chosen not to illustrate this post with a photo of female … Continue reading

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Chinese civilisation: an idiot’s guide

And, in a shocking development for this blog, the headline on this post is…not quite the full story. You see, normally “an idiot’s guide” implies a well-read expert giving simply-written guidance on the subject of their expertise to the idiot in … Continue reading

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Blink-182 and the deceptions of memory

This is well-known pop-punk combo Blink-182 (2015 edition; they’ve had line-up changes):- It’s fair to say that they’re looking a bit the worse for wear after nearly 25 years of rock and roll, but then who isn’t? Anyway, whilst I wouldn’t claim … Continue reading

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H for Hoax

Admitting to an interest in hoaxes and fakery is probably not something a reader really wants a blogger to do. After all, the genre’s history is littered with stories of bloggers who made claims about themselves that turned out, on investigation, not to be … Continue reading

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