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Armchair Detective: The Elke Retreat Incident (Gary Dale Mathias & friends)

This one’s quite a story. Some tales end in mystery, and some become mysterious part-way through, but this one goes further, and more or less has nothing but mystery from the outset. We’ve just passed the fortieth anniversary of the … Continue reading

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Armchair Detective: The Tamam Shud case

Like many people, I love a good unsolved mystery. Don’t get me wrong, not enough to actually go and do in-depth research about them (the very thought!), but certainly enough to waste time playing Sherlock Holmes and coming up with half-baked theories about … Continue reading

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News now stalking me, need restraining order: The great (?) Christ’s College controversy (?) of 2016

As this has now been reported in the Daily Mail, I suppose this is both officially “news” and a “controversy”.  Here’s your link, lest you suspect me of making all this stuff up. In summary  – several Jewish students walked into a … Continue reading

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Quiet man murders other quiet man in quiet town

The man charged with the shocking murder of Jo Cox MP has been described in the media as a “quiet man.” The phrase has all the inevitability of an English team exiting an international football competition in the quarter finals. A quiet … Continue reading

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H for Hoax

Admitting to an interest in hoaxes and fakery is probably not something a reader really wants a blogger to do. After all, the genre’s history is littered with stories of bloggers who made claims about themselves that turned out, on investigation, not to be … Continue reading

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(Armchair Detective) Unsolved mysteries (well, sort of)

Here is an article from popular comedy/nerdy trivia website,, about “23 creepy unsolved mysteries”:- Link Actually, that’s clearly not what the article was called at first, because the URL refers to “23 creepy unsolved crimes”. Presumably, after hours of intense … Continue reading

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