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Book Review: “Wildfire” by Chris Ryan

Another trip to the (apparently) bottomless well that is macho literature. Well, in this case, it’s more “teen adventure” than macho, since “Wildfire”, published in 2006, is a young adult novel. The author has impeccably manly credentials, though. For anyone who’s … Continue reading

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Book review: “Market Forces” by Richard Morgan

It sounds like the dullest Economics textbook ever, but it’s a novel, and this is part of my ongoing series about macho literature. As Market Forces came out in 2004, you’ll probably have to scour libraries, second-hand bookshops or Ebay for it, … Continue reading

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Book Review:”Crash” by J.G. Ballard

“I’ve had enough, enough of you/enough to last a lifetime through.” When the reviewer’s reaction to finishing Crash, the novel, are those lines from Crash, the pop song by The Primitives, you might be forgiven for expecting a scathingly negative … Continue reading

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Chinese civilisation: an idiot’s guide

And, in a shocking development for this blog, the headline on this post is…not quite the full story. You see, normally “an idiot’s guide” implies a well-read expert giving simply-written guidance on the subject of their expertise to the idiot in … Continue reading

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Blink-182 and the deceptions of memory

This is well-known pop-punk combo Blink-182 (2015 edition; they’ve had line-up changes):- It’s fair to say that they’re looking a bit the worse for wear after nearly 25 years of rock and roll, but then who isn’t? Anyway, whilst I wouldn’t claim … Continue reading

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What Sabrina did next (sort of)

I’ll start this post with an apology: my extensive and in-depth research for this post has revealed that when I used to watch the TV show Sabrina the Teenage Witch, I must have been in my early 20s, and not, as … Continue reading

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Why it’s harder to set your horror film in the UK than the US

Note that I said “harder”, not “impossible”. Clearly, there are plenty of well-known horror films that are set in this country, and some actually ignore or deal with the problems I’m going to mention. However, it remains the case that there … Continue reading

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