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Book Review: Against Nature by J.-K. Huysmans

Nothing is simple about this novel, not even its title. “Against Nature” is the one the translator of the edition I own went for, but it has also been known as “Against the Grain”. Some English speakers, if required to … Continue reading

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Video game review: Code: Realize – Guardian of Rebirth

How do you solve a problem like “reviewing video games whilst at the same time being terrible at playing them”? Well, I suppose you could, in theory, just lock yourself away in your room for weeks and play like crazy … Continue reading

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Not The Nostalgia Chick: “Avalon High” book review

Up till now, all my book reviews have been of works which might be called stereotypically male: macho lit. Well, I got bored of ploughing my way through novels about crooks and commando raids, so I thought I’d change tack. … Continue reading

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Poetry Review: Greatest Hits of Sir Henry Newbolt

By “greatest hits”, I  really mean “the three poems by Newbolt that anyone remembers nowadays,” and to give him credit he was a bit more than a one-hit wonder. Newbolt lived from 1862 to 1938, and worked at various times as a lawyer, literary … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Wildfire” by Chris Ryan

Another trip to the (apparently) bottomless well that is macho literature. Well, in this case, it’s more “teen adventure” than macho, since “Wildfire”, published in 2006, is a young adult novel. The author has impeccably manly credentials, though. For anyone who’s … Continue reading

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Book review: “Market Forces” by Richard Morgan

It sounds like the dullest Economics textbook ever, but it’s a novel, and this is part of my ongoing series about macho literature. As Market Forces came out in 2004, you’ll probably have to scour libraries, second-hand bookshops or Ebay for it, … Continue reading

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Book Review:”Crash” by J.G. Ballard

“I’ve had enough, enough of you/enough to last a lifetime through.” When the reviewer’s reaction to finishing Crash, the novel, are those lines from Crash, the pop song by The Primitives, you might be forgiven for expecting a scathingly negative … Continue reading

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