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News now stalking me, need restraining order: The great (?) Christ’s College controversy (?) of 2016

As this has now been reported in the Daily Mail, I suppose this is both officially “news” and a “controversy”.  Here’s your link, lest you suspect me of making all this stuff up. In summary  – several Jewish students walked into a … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Wildfire” by Chris Ryan

Another trip to the (apparently) bottomless well that is macho literature. Well, in this case, it’s more “teen adventure” than macho, since “Wildfire”, published in 2006, is a young adult novel. The author has impeccably manly credentials, though. For anyone who’s … Continue reading

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A real train wreck

I should probably stop blogging so much about the news, because it’s obviously worked out where I live. At about six o’clock yesterday morning, around the time the US was realising that, yes, it had just elected Donald Trump President, a … Continue reading

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