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The Woodrow Wilson High School Tigers

Who? Well, here’s the link to the relevant article, but in short, they are a high school football team in Camden, New Jersey, composed entirely of black and Hispanic players. With their coach, they decided that they were so disgusted with … Continue reading

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Book Review:”Crash” by J.G. Ballard

“I’ve had enough, enough of you/enough to last a lifetime through.” When the reviewer’s reaction to finishing Crash, the novel, are those lines from Crash, the pop song by The Primitives, you might be forgiven for expecting a scathingly negative … Continue reading

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Book Review:Khaki Lit

I posted a while back about the peculiar sub-genre that is Doorman Lit,  a sub-genre of which it seems I may be the only reader (or at any rate, the only one who’s publicly prepared to admit to reading it). Military … Continue reading

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Polyamorousness -apparently now a real thing.

Well, “polyamory”, if you want to be strict about English usage. And I have it on high authority, too – there’s an article in today’s Metro about it, although clearly the subject isn’t cool enough for their website, because I can’t seem … Continue reading

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