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Alpha males

Like this guy, apparently. (Well, according to Google Images, anyway – if you search “alpha male”, it’s pretty much him or Don Draper from Mad Men). I might have started this post by claiming that “society wants me to be … Continue reading

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Some say that he owns the largest collection of Beanie Babies in North America, and once drew the Mona Lisa on an Etch-a-Sketch. All I know is that he’s called…Mike Cernovich.

Yes, again – here are the links to more multi-post goodness from your favourite Donald Trump booster and all-round men’s rights nutcase, Mr C himself. “I and several friends will be attending the RNC in Cleveland, Ohio. It’s going to be the … Continue reading

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Blink-182 and the deceptions of memory

This is well-known pop-punk combo Blink-182 (2015 edition; they’ve had line-up changes):- It’s fair to say that they’re looking a bit the worse for wear after nearly 25 years of rock and roll, but then who isn’t? Anyway, whilst I wouldn’t claim … Continue reading

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Gosh, what a shortage of recent news from Britain

I was going to start this post with “sometimes, life just gives you so much to write about, there’s no time to actually write it,” but then I realised that was both pretentious and made my life sound far more interesting … Continue reading

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