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My ankle – currently barely bringing myself to the yard, let alone “all the boys”

Although it would be pretty¬†bizarre if it did, given that I (a) don’t own a yard and (b) am not some kind of gay lust object. Anyway, before this lame (hah!) metaphor gets irreversibly derailed, the subject for today is … Continue reading

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Sir Tim Hunt: not Cockney rhyming slang for anything (yet) (edited)

Low-level controversy rumbles on about the fate of the eponymous Nobel Prize winner, who was forced to resign from what sounds like a fairly meaningless honorary post at University College London (as well as what was probably a rather more¬†professionally … Continue reading

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Urban Foxes

I was going to do a long, opinionated post about something no-one cares about (even me, really), when I got watching a family of foxes on the lawn of the garden belonging to one of the adjoining blocks of flats, … Continue reading

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It’s good to be the King!

And now, for a post about my personal fantasies. No, wait, come back! OK, let me rephrase that: a post about a personal fantasy of mine of the non-sexual kind. This is not going to be the post where I … Continue reading

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