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Feminism: it’s basically all about being a dickhead

I love to hate the Evening Standard magazine. It’s like the boiled-down essence of a glossy “style” magazine. Most of those are long, expensive and (the attraction for me) mind-blowingly stupid. However, don’t worry if you, like me, are a thrifty cynic who … Continue reading

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Why I failed as a Something Awful goon

I’ve recently been reading Something Sensitive, a wretched hive of internet scum and villainy whose sole real purpose is to dish out to the denizens of the Something Awful forums the sort of mockery they spent years handing out to posters at TV … Continue reading

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Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

I can’t pretend that I was anything other than disappointed by the result of the General Election earlier this month. Normally, my approach to late-night events with extensive media coverage, like elections, some sporting events, and the Eurovision Song Contest, is … Continue reading

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Tumblr’s one-eyed view of the world helps generate racism

The mention of tumblr in my last post wasn’t, truth be told, by accident. One of my major reasons for reviving this blog was that, after a couple of years use, I was about as tired of the social justice faction … Continue reading

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What a long, strange trip it’s been

This is my first post here for about three and a half years, and not because I’ve been staring blankly at a wall for the intervening period (well, most of it). I’ve just read with amusement my suggestion that I … Continue reading

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