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Israel/Palestine in “widely-voiced prejudices probably true” shocker

If leaks of diplomatic documents to the media aren’t this year’s theme, I don’t know what is. Last time it was Wikileaks and American documents; this week it’s been various documents from the Palestinan side of the endless and at times absurd … Continue reading

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What’s this I don’t even (2015 edit)

In case anyone’s wondering about the fairly illiterate title of this post (ED: like someone who has been living in a box for years and hasn’t heard of a meme that was very hackneyed even in 2011), the expression in … Continue reading

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The principle of the thing

The King’s Speech is really bringing them out of the woodwork. Following the epic ruck about a week ago between Midlands politico Sion Simon and Colin Firth, star of the afore-mentioned film, over the latter’s public support for the Liberal Democrats (although, to … Continue reading

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Big girl, you aren’t beautiful

Kenneth Tong is 27 years old and the scion of a wealthy Hong Kong family. He is a former contestant on Big Brother, whose psychologist allegedly described him as a “textbook sociopath”. It’s not entirely clear why his views should merit our … Continue reading

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The pointlessness of politics

An exciting clash of political Titans today, as Sion Simon, former Labour MP for somewhere random in Birmingham and former minister for something that sounds so dull I think my skull will explode if I even type it, is reported to have … Continue reading

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Billy, don’t be a hero…

The Bard of Barking (aka pop singer Billy Bragg) has hit the headlines again, this time because residents of the Dorset village where he lives have been bombarded with anonymous hate-mail urging them to kick him out of the village. … Continue reading

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