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And I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords

One of the compensations of edging towards forty is the thought that, even should World War Three break out, at that age you are unlikely to be subject to military conscription. Now, I know that (a) World War Three does not … Continue reading

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The royal engagement

Romance is in the air following the announcement by unfeasibly posh blond guy Prince William that he will be marrying Kate Middleton, who is less posh but still has multi-millionaire business owners for parents and went to public school. Apparently this makes her middle class, … Continue reading

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Everybody must get stoned

There’s been uproar in the world of Twitter this week following the arrest of a Tory councillor, one Gareth Compton, for suggesting via that website that Minority Champion columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown should be stoned to death. He’s been bailed by the Filth and suspended by his party … Continue reading

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Emos are strange

Actually, to go by a recent interview by Hayley Williams of the band Paramore, the strangeness of those ker-azy emo kids with their tattoos, self-inflicted scars, widely-broadcast emotional pain and constant desire to find the punkest thing to do in any given situation merely reflects the strangeness of … Continue reading

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Mike and football

Anyone who, like me, lived in Leeds in the 1980s-90s will remember Mike (I never found out his surname). Mike, you see, owned a large carpet store, a unit on a trading estate like a warehouse; in fact, several of them across Yorkshire. … Continue reading

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The 51st State

The mid-term US Congressional elections are imminent, and as always seems to be the case these days, they’ve been extensively covered across all media. I can see why the result of American elections, especially the presidential ones, are deemed significant enough to warrant attention … Continue reading

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