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Dave Spart, Millie Tant and their radical consciences

The well-known art critic, agent provocateur and surname-lacking phenomenon that is Bidisha had an article on the Women’s Page of yesterday’s Guardian. Disappointingly, she chose not to discuss her lack of a surname, or indeed her latest bank robbery,  blackest … Continue reading

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Conspiracy theories

I’ve been doing some reading about conspiracy theories – the assassination of JFK, Holocaust denial, whether or not the Moon landings were faked, all the usual suspects – and a few points strike me (besides the usual one of "Are … Continue reading

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Philip Larkin

And now, in the spirit of fearlessly cutting edge, up to date blogging, some thoughts on the controversy surrounding an English poet who died 25 years ago, which itself peaked when his biography came out in the early 1990s. However, although smutty gossip…I … Continue reading

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How arts review programmes could be made more interesting

PRESENTER – Hello, and welcome to Culture Vulture. I’m Roger Merear, and this evening our guest reviewers will be potter Grayson Perry, writer Bidisha, the art critc of Nuts Norman Sproggit and…James Mobbs? Yeah, I’ve never heard of him either. We were going … Continue reading

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Here are some interesting points about Sweden, from which I have just returned after a short holiday:-   1. When I told the hotel staff that they were all a bunch of muppets, they said "No, that’s just the Swedish Chef." … Continue reading

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The eyeball-rolling effect

"There are clear guidelines in the Bible about contentious issues," declares the Rt Rev. Tom Wright, Bishop of Durham in a magazine interview today. "We ought to expect to have demands made on our patience and our charity but not … Continue reading

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Why I failed at being Left Wing

"Solidarity, comrades, is what we are about. It runs through our veins. It is what makes us different to the bosses’ class and the elite who rule us and try to dominate us." Thus spake Len McCluskey, assistant general secretary … Continue reading

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